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Our team here at Pip's Optical Place have a combined wealth of knowledge and are highly experienced with in the optical industry. Keep reading to find out a little more about the friendly faces you'll meet when you visit us...

Pippin Lewis
Business Owner
Optical Mechanic / Dispenser

Raelene Philpott

Optical Mechanic/Technician

Pip completed her 4 year apprenticeship in optical mechanics/dispensing in 1995 at RMIT. With 29 years experience in the industry, she provides a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise in optics. Pip has worked at this practice for over 23 years and more recently moved and designed a gorgeous new shop in Main St Lilydale. She is passionate about having a unique, high quality frame selection that captures her patients' individual style, personality and flair.

Raelene completed her Optical dispensing Cert IV certificate at RMIT in 1998. She has 26 years experience in the Optical industry with a tremendous amount of product knowledge and skill within the industry. After completing her 4 year degree she went on to work for a number of Optical groups including independent optometrists.

She now joins the team at Pips Optical Place as a casual employee. 

Raelene is passionate about style and the latest Optical trends, her personal goals are patients individual needs.

Desa Stevkovska
Optical Assistant
El2 .PNG
Elpida Tolan

Desa has over 40 years experience in the optical industry as an Optical Assistant.  She is very passionate about her job and loves assisting  our clientele with frame selections and lens designs, she strives to make people happy and comfortable.

Desa`s background is Macedonian, she is very family orientated and loves to tinkle away in her garden for relaxation time.  

El graduated from the University of Melbourne over 30 years ago and has practiced optometry in corporate, private and rural settings.

El has always prided herself on providing a caring and professional approach. Beware she loves a chat!

She has seen many advances to optometry - especially in the diagnostic equipment available and spectacle and contact lens options, all of wich have helped to contribute to a better quality of service to our patients.

On a personal level, El is a lover of sports ( is an avid Golfer ), she likes gardening, reading, spending time with her family and pets, and learning languages. 

cecilia3 .PNG
Cecilia Jones  
Optical Technician 

Cecilia completed her 4 year apprenticeship in Optical fitting and surfacing in 1994.  She completed her dispensing certificate by correspondence through OTEN in 1997.  

Cecilia has worked in optics for 30 Years and worked in both large organisations and independent Optometry practices.

Cecilia is excited to join the wonderful team at Pips Optical Place.  Cecilia loves helping people choose the best glasses for their optical and lifestyle needs. 

Carolyn Lin 

Carolyn graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2009 with a bachelor of Optometry and therapeutic endorsement.  She has since worked for both corporate and independent practices and has worked in multiple metro and reginal areas across Australia. 

Carolyn is particularly interested in ocular disease detention and in the management of myopia control.  She is passionnate in providing vision care to patients from different age groups from different ethnic backgrounds.  Carolyn speaks fluetnt english, Mandarine and Cantonese.

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