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We offer a range of spectacle lenses that offer optimal visual performance regardless of your lifestyle or occupational requirements.  Our premium suppliers provide us with quality lenses using cutting edge technology to tailor to your individual needs. We also offer a range of coating and tinting to minimise glare and optimise scratch resistance and comfort.


On average people spend upwards of 7 hours per day on digital devices. The blue light emitted from smart phone, tablet and computer screens can cause fatigue, headaches and insomnia. Innovative Eyezen focus technology is designed to ease eyestrain caused by close reading distances and viewing small text on handheld devices, whilst the light scan technology selective filters out 20% of harmful blue-violet light emitted from digital screens.


These lenses provide convenience through automatic adaptation to changing light conditions, relief from eyestrain and protection from harmful UV radiation, blue light and glare. Transitions lenses are available in a variety of colours and are suitable for virtually any frame style, size and prescription.


The OSA Intuitiv® progressive lens is the first of its kind - accommodating to your natural behaviour through taking into account your dominant hand. Wearer benefits include a improved visual acuity, greater postural comfort, minimal distortions and faster adaptation.


X-FIT Series™ is Essilor's most advanced progressive lens. These premium multifocal lenses offer outstanding sharpness and fluidity without compromising distance or near vision. X-FIT lenses are able to overcome the constraints of multi-distance lenses and provide complete visual freedom in any situation. These lenses are by far our most popular and easiest multifocal to use, if you want the best vision possible, this multifocal is for you. 


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